Howqua Hills Historic Area - Sheepyard Flats

LocationNear Mansfield, take a turnoff 3km past Merrijig on the Mount Buller Road. After a senic 25 minute drive you will reach Howqua Hills. There are several flats to choose from, some are further in like 6/7 and 8 mile flats
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Rating5/5 stars
Recent Visits

November 2002 - We had a ball went up Wednesday the 13th and came home 15th November. Weather was absolutly perfect and as you can see from the photos the scenery is great.

We set off at about 2pm on wednesday after planning to leave at 10am. But after a few minor repairs to Davids trusty old 200b we got set back a bit. The car was packed to the brim and we probably should have thaught about taking 2 cars in the endpic007.jpg (166328 bytes)

photos/pic008.jpg (207900 bytes)Theres nothing like the open wide spaces and the fresh country air, just try telling that to Anthony and Richard who were too busy trying to make their own form of natural gas, which probably isnt the smartest idea in a confined space. Anyway after driving for about 2 hours we came across something really unsual about 2km outside mansfield... see left for a picture. As rove would say "WHAT THE ....?" Thats right thats a bikini on a tree, dont ask, just laugh!

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As you can see from the pictures above there was heaps of cool things to do, like fishing swimming or even showing off the rewards of investing in a belly :). We wanted to do some hiking, but as we were now finished uni we decided we should relax and unwind.