Way PointLat.Long.Description
WP1 -39 deg 2.074 146 deg 21.237Mt Oberon Carpark
WP2 -39 deg 1.344 146 deg 26.501Sealers cove Campground
WP3 -39 deg 2.635 146 deg 27.766Refuge Cove Campground
WP4 -39 deg 3.981 146 deg 25.696Little Waterloo Bay Campground
WP5 -39 deg 4.629 146 deg 22.630Intersection (Waterloo bay walking track start)
WP6 -39 deg 4.399 146 deg 20.596Oberon Bay Camping Area
WP7 -39 deg 1.982 146 deg 19.430Tidal River Campsite


Track #DescriptionDist (KM)WaypointsTrack Condition
1 Tidal River to Intersection9.42 WP7; WP6; WP5 Along edge of coast; beach walking; easy flat path
2 Carpark to Little Waterloo19.77 WP1; WP2; WP3; WP4 Hilly; boardwalks; beach; creek crossing;coastal cliffs
3 Intersection to Little Waterloo5.39 WP5; WP4 Hilly track; boardwlaks; costal cliffs
4 Tidal River to Carpark3.14 WP7; WP1 Sealed road up mountian
5 Carpark to Intersection5.85 WP1; WP5 Matenence Vehicle Track hilly

1st Trip - with Adam Ashley & John

Day 1 (Blue)
Arived mid afternoon, went for a swim in the afternoon Total Distance: 14.81 KM
Day 2 (Red)
Arrived mid afternoon, drove home to Melbourne 14.38 KM

2nd trip - with Julian C

Day 1 (Blue)
Arrived After dusk, this walk was a bit too long, also didn't help that i slightly injured my foot
Day 2 (Red)
Arrived After lunch, drove home to Melbourne

Datum: WGS 84
All the waypoints and tracks were done with a scaned map and software on my PC, none of the waypoints have been confirmed in the field, errors may exist in ths data
The distances are assuming flat ground